Buy Local

I’ve had The Stovery for 40 years now, and we here at the store really appreciate all business we get.  But I know that I as a consumer try to keep my purchase power local whenever possible.  I believe many people don’t realize what happens when they buy “out of town”.  I use that term loosely of course.  I know that we need to earn people’s business.

We are the largest hearth products dealer in Washington County — we need to fill our customers’ needs with quality products at affordable pricing and provide good service.  We all know how important our economy is and what it means for local employees and business owners.  When you buy in Washington County, the county portion of sales tax stays here.  Otherwise, when you shop the box stores, etc., outside of Washington County, all the revenue is diverted to surrounding counties and Vermont.

Washington County lacks large retail businesses to pull in the county sales tax so, save a job, a business and keep our potion of sales tax right here in Washington County.


Rich Entwistle