We deal with a varied mix of home builders and remodelers. Our approach with contractors is to develop a long term association with their customers so when the contractor moves on to their next job, we have a direct contact or link with the ultimate user of our product. We encourage interaction with the homeowner during the selection of the appliance.

With so many choices of units, we strive to help people achieve performance expectations by thorough questioning of desired goals. In the past, we have had homeowners come back to our store questioning why a certain product was installed, and that was due to the fact that the contractor did not have a clear vision of the homeowners desires, or the contractor was working with budget restraint. We hope we are in the loop so mistakes are avoided and a good rapport is developed between us and the customer for future service work or operating questions. As time moves on and contractors move on to other projects they forget who has what products, etc., and that makes it hard to get data out to the homeowner, whereas we here at The Stovery keep up to date records of all equipment sold and service performed.

Most contractors use our installers because they are all properly insured and they are trained, tested, and certified by the National Fireplace Institute. Most contractors are builders, and they sub out the concrete, electrical, plumbing, and heating systems — why not the hearth systems? This is all we do, and we are up on all the codes, etc. We always support our contractors with discounts based on volume, but we prefer to give referral spiffs and deal directly with the homeowner to lessen the chance of mistakes. We have heard too many horror stories of customers not getting what they expected.

Contractors, we invite you to use our services and see how our hearth products can provide solutions for your valued customers.


Rich Entwistle