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Composting Toilets

 What SUN-MAR Composting Toilets do

SUN-MAR composting toilets recycle waste on-site by evaporating the liquids and converting the solids to a fertilizing soil which is perfect for uptake by plants. SUN-MAR composting toilets use naturally occurring aerobic bacteria to convert the carbon atoms in the waste to carbon dioxide, and the hydrogen atoms to water. In this way the waste is oxidized and reduced to its essential minerals. Since waste is some 95% moisture, after the liquid has been evaporated and the solid waste composted, the residual is only about 3% of the starting volume.

This recycling process avoids the need for sewers and central treatment plants. It also avoids invasive on-site treatment systems such as septic systems.

The Choice is Simple

We have a Sun-Mar Composting Toilet system for every situation.  Pools, cabanas, boats, cottages, camps, and yes, even homes!

We also have a Sun-Mar for every electrical situation – electric, non-electric, or solar.  situation!

The Advantages of a Three Chamber Composting Toilet

Some of the advantages have been described above. Hopefully repetition will do no harm!

  1. The three different chambers allow for optimizing the three different requirements for composting, evaporating and finishing.
  2. The Bio-drum allows compost to be properly and completely oxygenated, rather than the partial aeration achieved by composting toilets with fixed mechanical mixers.
  3. The Bio-drum ensures there is no excess moisture, since any excess is automatically drained to the evaporating chamber.
  4. By being separated from any direct heat, the material in the drum does not dry out as it would in composting toilet designs where heat is aimed directly at the pile.
  5. The drum offers simplicity of operation. Tumbling the Bio-drum ensures mixing is easy and complete (like a cement mixer or clothes dryer).
  6. Removing compost is merely a question of rotating the Bio-drum backwards. There is no concern with sealed bases, secured by screws and there is no exposure to liquids and flooding.
  7. The Bio-drum offers the ideal environment for aerobic bacteria to prosper.
  8. The evaporating chamber is heated by a heater below it. The advantage this gives is similar to the advantage gained by heating a saucepan with an element beneath, as opposed to heating with a hair dryer from above.
  9. The heater is on when there is liquid to evaporate and off most of the time when there is no liquid.
  10. The evaporating chamber offers the ideal environment for evaporation.

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